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16 February 2024

Cookie Policy

The Website does not automatically collect any data except for information about using cookies.

Cookies (so-called "cookies") are text files that are available in the final user interface of the Website (site visitor) and intended for use from the Website's web pages. Cookies determine the Website from which they come, the time they are stored on the end device and the registration number.
The entity that places cookies on the website user's end computer and provides access to the administrator's Website.

Cookies are used by the Website only as "technical" files to create statistics that include how users use the Website, which allows access to the Website in terms of posted content. These files are not used for marketing purposes or shared with other entities.
One type of cookie, the so-called "permanent files" (persistent cookies), is used. These files are stored on the user's end device for the time the parameters of these files are used or until the user destroys them.

Many web browsing control software (web browsers) place cookies on the user's end device. Browser users can opt-in at any time by changing cookie settings. These settings may be available in such a way as to block the use of cookie services in internet settings and to be informed each time they are placed on the application user's device—information about the possibilities and methods of handling cookies available in the software settings (web browsers).
Application Administrator, please note that cookie restriction is not available on websites.

More cookie information is available in the "Help" section of the online menu.

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