I have a duty as a liquidator to sell all the assets including intangible values. For the past three years the company at a loss, whether its brand can be worth something?


Even if the company suffers losses, it does not mean that it does not have a valuable brand. In this case, correctly identify:

  • type of mark,
  • source of negative financial results,
  • the real benefits of having a brand,
  • the potential benefits of third parties who would gain the ability to use the brand,

Valuation completed several brands for companies, which for several years were recorded financial losses and in some cases, these losses resulted from factors not related to the brand, such as:

  • way to invest (current costs),
  • costs of restructuring the company,
  • process cost optimization in the group (incorrectly set domestic prices).

In this case, you only need to select the appropriate method of valuation.