If that's not a problem, I have a huge request for help in the measurement of Adobe software and Microsoft. We are an advertising agency, we have a number of jobs for graphic designers, and it's not hard to guess, we want to bring to the company all staff (computer and software). Not only because of the value that is in itself, but also the legality of the use of the software as the primary tools in the new Ltd.


The headquarters Adobe shows us the following mechanism: for example Adobe CS1 Premium package purchased in 2002, we estimate the current equivalent of the latest Adobe CS3 Design Premium, less the cost of the applicable updates to the latest version. But what to do if you have bought over the years subsequent updates? Or perhaps one should rather take into account the market price of the basic product + future versions? Or are there any regulations in this regard? I think equipment valued.
exchange rates and to this end can be used as an indicator of some Internet auction (this is after all a market)? I ask for information in these matters.

The approach outlined by Adobe is correct - shows the method of replacement. It can be verified by checking prices of transactions on Ebay or in the possession allegro version of the software, provided that the istnijeją such offers and information on transactions concluded. Similarly, for the computers in the secondary market prices will allow the use of a market approach valuation, provided that it is possible to obtain information on transactions concluded buy / sell comparable equipment.