In the valuation of intangible assets we quote:

  • trademarks,
  • patent
  • know-how,
  • copyrights,
  • companies and organized property
  • software and databases,
  • contracts and licenses,
  • real options, including managerial and investment.

Valuations are prepared for the purpose of:

  • contribution,
  • capital transactions,
  • trial for the division of property or compensation,
  • transformation of capital
  • strategic analysis and restructuring,
  • and fiscal balance (including related party transactions)
  • controlling


Rules for the implementation of services

Valuation of intangible assets: it has a unique character, requires a lot of creativity and the ability to select the method in relation to the information and circumstances.

In the case of valuations for the court resolved processes (eg, compensation, division of property, the registration capital of commercial companies, to determine the tax) valuation realize personally, in its capacity as an expert witness, under the terms of statutory regulations. I am the expert witness the third term (since 1999) on the list of the District Court in Warsaw - the range - the valuation of intangible assets.

Valuation on a commercial basis are carried out under my supervision by a team of experienced partners and associates. I am a supporter of the thesis that every satisfied customer becomes a generator following of satisfied customers, which means that you can completely forget about spending on advertising. Such efficiency and quality of service, however, requires constant improvement of the knowledge and skills, a good code of ethics and procedures for reliable operation. Since 1990, collected a large number of the advisory work done and many satisfied customers.