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Valuation of innovative startups

16 February 2024

Key assumptions of training:

Workshops carried out remotely (communicator convenient for the Ordering Party (MS Teams, ZOOM, etc.),

Two substantive levels to choose from:

Level I - equalization of knowledge - depending on needs - intended for people interested in deepening knowledge in the field of valuation of capital instruments of startups in a practical dimension (standards, models, methods, sources of information) - (8 lesson hours - 1 lesson hour - 45 minutes).
Level II - case method - case analysis - up to 18 participants; intended for at least intermediate people who carry out valuation in practice and people who verify the reliability of received valuation reports, who know the issue to the extent indicated in level I - (8 teaching hours - 1 teaching hour - 45 min)
Level II workshops will be divided into two meetings.

During the first online meeting, the host will present valuation examples; participants will receive assumptions and materials for independent offline case analysis over the next 7-14 days (materials and financial models in ".pdf" and ".xlsx"/".xlsm" formats),
during the second online meeting, cases developed by offline participants will be jointly analyzed.
Presentations and financial models discussed during the training will be provided to participants in ".pdf" and ".xlsx" formats with the right to personal use and without the right to distribute (applies to possible copyrights).

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