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Valuation for Transfer Pricing analysis

16 February 2024

For many years, we have been involved in the valuation of intangible assets and determining the market level of license fee rates for using these rights for intra-group transactions and generally concluded between related entities within the meaning of tax law.

We co-founded the Transfer Pricing Center Association, and within this organization, we cooperate in issuing opinions on Transfer Pricing Guidelines - a set of principles of good practice in the area of TP proposed for implementation by OECD member countries. We cooperate with SGH (Warsaw School of Economics) in its educational activities (lectures at postgraduate studies - valuation of Intangible Assets for TP purposes) and SGH's advisory activities (a project of analysis of Polish legal regulations in the field of HTVI commissioned by the European Commission).

We have a long list of completed projects in this field for capital groups, including cross-border ones.

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