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16 February 2024

Our professional practice includes the valuation of:

  • capital instruments: shares and shares of private companies, shares of public companies, stock options,
  • enterprise and organized part of the enterprise,
  • intangible goods: registration rights (trademark, patent, internet domain, design), copyright (computer software, verbal/graphic works, dependent rights, e.g. publishing rights), other digital assets (cryptocurrency notes, NFTs, etc.),
  • rights under the contract: managerial options, priority rights in acquisition, license rights, etc.
    We carry out valuations for transactional, balance sheet (e.g. impairment test), compensation, tax, investment and leasing purposes. We support negotiations on the transfer of ownership or licensing of the valuation subject.

We adhere to valuation standards, considering the specific features of the valuation object when selecting valuation methods (e.g., innovative startup, portfolio of R&D results and patent to a particular stage of development of a new technology, etc.). We have been conducting our consulting activities continuously since 1995, first in the privatization and restructuring of the Polish economy and later for foreign entities.

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