• Wycena Dóbr Niematerialnych
    Wycena Dóbr Niematerialnych


    przedsiębiorstw, akcji, udziałów, opcji menedżerskich, know-how, wzoru przemysłowego, znaku towarowego, marki, domeny Internetowej, autorskiego prawa majątkowego.

Is your company should measure the auditor?


I was told that the company must be valued by an auditor. Is this true?

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Which method of valuation of the company?


We have a partnership. One of the partners made a withdrawal and want to withdraw from the company on 31.12.2004. Because the partners probably...

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In service


  • services in the valuation of: companies, businesses, shares and intangible assets (brand, patent, know-how, trade mark, client relations, management options, intellectual capital),
  • consultancy in the field of forensic economics - valuation of intangible property damage,
  • transfer pricing issues,
  • contact with an expert in the valuation of intangible assets,
  • workshops in financial modeling using simulation analysis,
  • quantitative risk assessment issues.



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