• Wycena Dóbr Niematerialnych
    Wycena Dóbr Niematerialnych


    przedsiębiorstw, akcji, udziałów, opcji menedżerskich, know-how, wzoru przemysłowego, znaku towarowego, marki, domeny Internetowej, autorskiego prawa majątkowego.

Which method of valuation of the company?


We have a partnership. One of the partners made a withdrawal and want to withdraw from the company on 31.12.2004. Because the partners probably...

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Is an expert witness may give an opinion commercially


Court expert is appointed by the court or the prosecution to prepare its opinion on the matter. The term "forensic expert" does not identify any...

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In service


  • services in the valuation of: companies, businesses, shares and intangible assets (brand, patent, know-how, trade mark, client relations, management options, intellectual capital),
  • consultancy in the field of forensic economics - valuation of intangible property damage,
  • transfer pricing issues,
  • contact with an expert in the valuation of intangible assets,
  • workshops in financial modeling using simulation analysis,
  • quantitative risk assessment issues.



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